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Baja Wine and Wellness Retreat Tanya

About tanya schroeder

Hey! I'm Tanya - a world exploring, sunshine craving, ocean diving, mountain climbing, yoga + craft beer geek.  It is my mission to live an authentic, inspiring existence and build a bad ass unstoppable tribe.

But, let's be real, my positive disposition and love for life didn't come naturally. I struggled with eating disorders, depression, addictions and emotional traumas.  I wasn't flexible in my body or mind. One morning after waking up on my floor, after yet a long party night, I heard a strong voice that said: "There is more to life than this, it is time!" 

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My journey to improving my physical and mental health started that day back in 2006. I had always wanted to learn how to surf, so - I started. Surfing led me to take my first International solo trip to Costa Rica. It was there I found yoga, taking my first class in a jungle hut up in the mountains. As I came out of Svanasana, that strong voice returned: "I want to be a yoga teacher. I want people to feel inside and out what I feel right now." That moment was clear, and a new adventure began to heal myself and inspire others to do the same.

I made a commitment to physical practice (asana) for almost 2 years before I allowed myself to apply for teacher training. In that time I also took up studying Buddhism and Ayurveda. I began doing Seva work at a Yoga Studio cleaning, growing deep roots in the Long Beach Yoga Community.   

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In 2009 I went to Todos Santos, Mexico for an immersive teacher training experience. It was more than yoga - it completely changed the way I "did" life. I returned and went on to on to teach in Long Beach, the Bahamas, then San Luis Obispo. In 2011 I studied under a spiritual mentor and received my Advanced Usui Reiki attunement. I eventually moved to San Diego in 2012 and quickly began subbing classes in the Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach area. I taught gentle, power flow and hatha at Tri-Power Yoga for 2 years. In 2016 I moved to Baja, Mexico where I taught private classes and ran retreats. 

The tools I have accumulated over a course of 11 years have helped me transform mySELF. Each class I teach or session I give is an opportunity for me to give a gift to my students or clients - to encourage an immersion into their inner selves. Join me on the adventure of a life well lived!