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Growth Mindset: Money

“Money is Physical, Wealth is Spiritual.” - Dylan Brown, Beer Badass 

Money has become the dreaded 5 letter word... 

The cause of divorce in marriage, and a topic that is constantly brushed under the rug.

It has caused people to fear, have sleepless nights, even hurt others, so naturally, we begin to have negative associations with money.

The mindset of the majority (the 99%!) is that money is evil, scarce and the root of problems. It’s no wonder than so many people are banking on a big lottery hit for a short term solution, or working themselves to the bone just to make ends meet.

Money gets a bad rap. 

"Money doesn't grow on trees."

"The economy is bad."

"I have to work HARD to make a living."

"I won't make money doing what I love."

"I'm broke."

Broke like a broken record.

How many of these conversations do you keep having with yourself? With your friends?

These words you have on repeat will serve up your future. You are where you are because of your past thoughts. Do you want to see something different for your financial future?

But we asked our online community, and not many of you answered. Awkward Silence.

I grew up hearing negative phrases, therefore thinking that the only way to make it in the world was to keep my head down, get A good paying job and work my ass off. I did it, for a loooooong time. And I didn’t have much to show for it.

You know that badge of honor you feel when you tell someone else you have been working hard or are short on money and they nod and respect/empathize you for it? Or they identify with it too and then you get into a whole chit chat about how the world works and if you could just win the lottery, blah, blah?!

Your brain gets a sweet hit of acceptance, so why would you want to change your thoughts on any of those things? It just IS this way.

I hear you, so now, hear me out...

Having a positive relationship with money is about first about transitioning from a lack mindset to a growth mindset. Above quotes: Lack mindset. Below: Growth Mindset

“Money is a tool, no different than a toothbrush or pair of sneakers. With that mindset, I throw away the negative stigma I once put on money.” - Michael Ferrarella, Head Geek @ Certified Practical

The problem is that most of us have grown a cobweb of negative beliefs about what money is and how you get it, so that takes some sorting out to get on the other side. Here are a few tips to begin shifting into a Growth Mindset:

1. Watch Your Mouth

This will take self-control and awareness, but you have got to give up those engaged conversations about the ill and evil’s of money, how you don’t have enough of it, how you have SO much debt, etc.  Knock that shit off. Really.

If someone wants to get into their money dramas with you, politely decline to be a part of the conversation. You can say something like: “I’m working on sorting out my own thoughts on that right now, so it is best for me that I don’t talk about this.” Honesty (and mystery!) go a long way. Think about how shutting your mouth will impact this person.

They will have to run off to find someone else who wants to keep complaining about money.

You will sooner rather than later find yourself surrounded with more successful people talking about money wins.

2. Train Your Thoughts

Alright, so you are talking less about your dollar woes, but those thoughts are still floating up in your mind...obsessing, torturing, not letting you sleep at night.

Here is a great example of an overused negative money phrase: “I can’t afford it.”

This is an expression of lack.

Most times when I have said or thought that, I actually could afford it, but I was prioritizing my money elsewhere. 

I changed it to: “I can have that if I really wanted it.” or “I can save for that and buy it later.” These phrases put me in empowerment and in CHARGE of my money & mind.

Even if it is high ticket item, for example, an around the world plane ticket (that is definitely something I want!), the first thing I’m thinking…”I look forward to that, I can save for that quickly if I put my mind to it.”

I Can’t is not a part of my money vocabulary.

Further Reading: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life or Yes, Energy!

3. Destroy the Debt Demon Inside

Destroy it before it destroys you.

If you are following the above two tips, not complaining about it and changing your thoughts it on it, you are well on your way. But there is money to be paid!! The debtors won’t stop calling!!

I hear you. I’ve been in that position, I know what it feels like.  

Do you understand the nature of money?

Money is something used for exchange and/or enjoyment. You got into debt for a reason, because at one point or another, you wanted things, needed surgery, went to an Ivy League school, or bought a car.

This debt allowed for an exchange to happen, so the pieces that are missing here are Gratitude & Strategy.

Say what?

You want me to be happy about my debt, hell no!

Hell yes.

Once I started making my car and credit card payments with joy, I swear it was paid off in no time. I am happier than all get-up to pay my rent for a beautiful, comfortable place to live, to have a car that works, to have those things I used my credit card for (mostly flights to explore the world.)

Gratitude. Use it. Or Lose your mind to the debt demon.

Further strategy - surely you have a tackle down your debt plan (a spreadsheet or piece of paper with what you owe all in one place with monthly payments, etc. if not, get on it!)

Here we are shifting focus to increasing your income instead.

Mantra: My Income is Constantly Increasing

Everyone wants to focus ON the debt, but what about how to get more cash flow?

People want to pay their surmounted debts with only what they have instead of thinking about increasing WHAT they have which will pay it MUCH faster.

For many that means temporarily taking on another job, or for Entrepreneurs that means opening yourself up to more projects or clients.

Debt or not, everyone has unique skill sets that can make them money - hone in on them and cash out.

In Conclusion: A Growth Mindset is releasing the web of stale beliefs that have caused you to end up where you are. Think of your words and your thoughts as a path to your next adventure. 

Do you want it to be filled with financial freedom and wealth, or the same old story?