Reiki Sessions

Reiki Sessions are a powerful way to clear energetic cords, promote physical relaxation and healing.  

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese healing technique discovered in the early 1900's.
It's main purpose is for relaxation, stress reduction and promotes healing. 
Rei means Universal Knowledge
Ki means Life Force Energy

Reiki can be translated to mean spiritual or God-force guided energy that is administered by gently placing hands on the client or administering at a distance. Your body intelligence will work with Reiki energy to go where it is most needed.

What can be treated? - Reiki is both powerful and gentle. Historically, it has healed serious ailments such as heart disease and cancer, to milder ailments such as fatigue or insomnia. It improves your energetic state bringing on positive states of consciousness and spiritual experiences. Reiki can be used alongside traditional therapies. 
How is Reiki different than other 'healing?' - There are many types of energy healing available that provide a healthier state of well being. I have personally benefited from other types of healing such as Theta, Shamanism, and past life regressions. While healing energy exists in us all, Reiki practitioners are attuned by a Master teacher and can use Reiki Japanese symbols that hold meaning and different healing abilities for each one. 

Reiki Healing Wine and Wellness

How are the Sessions I offer different? - After becoming attuned to Reiki and began working on clients, my gift is seeing physical or emotional imprints that are stuck in your energy field. (Example: A client who was sexually abused that did not tell me, or a man who was injured during sports and retained this pain/emotional trauma.  I work directly with your higher self (soul) and any guides for the messages to deliver your healing. 

Can Reiki hurt me? - It can never do harm. It is guided by God-Consciousness - I am just the messenger. This allows both the practitioner and client to remain out of ego, have a feeling of safety and allow for the highest form of healing to happen. 

How can I expect to feel? - Every clients experience is different, but almost all report a sense of relaxation, well being and peace. Some report big waves of energy movement, heat or pressure.  To promote the best state of well being, I suggest adequate rest and hydration prior to and after your session. I also suggest taking some time to integrate what you felt and what we discussed. Don't rush immediately onto an appointment, work meeting or overwork yourself physically. 

What my clients are saying

in-person reiki sessions - $138

distance sessions with recording - $88

Every Reiki experience is unique and personalized to the client. Before we meet in person, or I give a distance Session, we will have a 10-15 minute introduction call to answer questions about Reiki and to establish a personal connection.

The in-person sessions are 1 hour long and held on a massage table with an eye pillow and soft sounds to aide in your relaxation. The last 15 minutes of the session will be used to discuss any channeled messages that came through to give you the maximum benefit of your treatment and tools for moving forward. Distance sessions run 40 minutes, and a 15 minute recording is provided via email of the messages from your session. 

The following tools/techniques may be used during your session:

  • Essential Oils

  • Emotional Coding

  • Chakra balancing

  • DNA/Lineage repair

  • Angel Therapy

  • Crystals

  • Binaural Beats

I respect the sensitive nature of my clients sessions, please read my Client Informed Consent for more information.   To book your session, click the button below.  

**I travel up to 25 miles from San Diego zip code 92103, or a travel charge of $10 applies.

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